Right to Information Act 2005

Chapter 1: Introduction

9.1 The Right to Information Act:

  • The RTI act provides that all public authority and its offices should provide details of their working, documents, allow inspection of records, allow copying of documents, avail certified copies, obtain electronic or digital information. The act is known as Right to information act, 2005.

9.2 Objective of this Booklet:

  • This booklet is brought out as specified in the Right to information act 2005.

9.3 Usefulness of the booklet Individuals / Institutions / Organizations

  • This book let describes pertinent information about the institute and shall be of use to the Government departments/Organizations, Institutes, Scientific and Research Organizations, Universities, Common Public and also to Voluntary Organizations.

9.4 Structure of the booklet

  • The book is organized in the form of 18 Chapters.

9.5 Glossary of terms:

  • As per dictionary meaning.

9.6 How to get more information on matters contained in this booklet

  • More information could be obtained by applying to The Public Information Officer, BISAG-N in the format prescribed in the Chapter 17.

9.7 Procedure to obtain more information Fees for information not mentioned in this booklet.