Right to Information Act 2005

Chapter 3: The powers and duties of officers and employees of BISAG

The powers and duties of Director General, Additional Director General, Manager, Project Managers and Project Scientists is given here under :

3.1 Administrative and Financial Powers delegated to the Director General, BISAG.

Administrative Powers of the Director

Excercising all powers of Chief Executive officer of the Institute as delegated by the Governing Council / Executive Committee from time to time.

Responsibilities of The Director General:To achieve the objectives of BISAG-N and ensure smooth functioning of the various functional units.

3.2 The Additional Director General

Technical powers and duties assigned by the Director General from time to time. Administrative powers are delegated by the Executive Committee.

3.3 Manager

  1. Administrative as assigned by the Director General.
  2. General administration.
  3. Accounts

3.4 The Senior Scientist, Scientists and Engineer - work under the guidance of the ADG & DG