Right to Information Act 2005

Chapter 4: The rules, regulations, guidelines followed in carrying out work

  1. The rules, regulations, guidelines followed in carrying out work
  2. For any decision to be taken the approval is taken from the Executive Committee / Governing Council.
  3. Once the approval is received the implementation phase is executed.
  4. The decision making process can be broadly classified into the managerial phase, the conversion phase and finally the application development phase.

Managerial Phase - Work plans and timelines for completion of tasks, Staff responsibilities, Workspace arrangements, Environmental conditions for equipment, Quality evaluation, Security are taken care of.

The Project Managers are responsible and accountable for the managerial phase of the project

Conversion Phase - Information generation and compilation, standardization of datasets, quality control and feedback are done.

The phase is taken care by the team of Project Scientists.

Application Development - Software development / customization for automation, training for the software, Software Performance; feedback

This phase is taken care by the Project Scientist (software) under the guidance of Project Managers.

The Project Managers are responsible for the Quality improvement.

For the data generation, consolidation, implementation and providing solutions the Project Scientists are responsible.

The Director General & Additional Director General of BISAG (N) are accountable for the services extended by the institute.

The following documents provide overall framework to carryout the activities of the institute.

  Document Name Type of Document Document Held by
1 Service rules Service Rules Manager
2 Memorandum of Understanding Administrative DG, ADG
3 Minutes of Meeting ; of the Governing Council / Executive Committee Administrative DG, ADG
4 Agenda Papers Administrative DG, ADG
5 Recruitment Rules Services Manager
6 Technical Guidelines Scientific Project Managers/Engineers
7 Accounts keeping Administrative Manager