Right to Information Act 2005

Chapter 9: Procedure of taking decisions

9.1 How decisions are taken on various matters ?

The decisions are taken through the Executive Committee.

9.2 Procedure for taking decisions on important matters?

Important matters are compiled and put up to the Governing Council or Executive committee.

9.3 How decisions reach to the public ?

Decisions do not reach to the public directly.

9.4 In the process of taking decisions officers whose opinions are taken ?

Opinions of Sr. Scientists / Experts are taken on case to case basis.

9.5 Who is the final decision making officer ?

The Governing Council / Executive Committee

9.6 Important Matters on which the Official takes decision is mentioned here under serially ?

Sr. No. 1
Matter on which Decision is taken ? Major administrative and technical decisions
Guidelines / Directives if available ? MOA, Rules & Regulations, Government Guidelines.
Implementation process
Officers involved in the decision making process ? Governing Council /   Executive committee, Secretary, MeitY, Director General, Additional Director General, Manager.
Contact information of the above mentioned officers As per chapter 8.
If not satisfied with the decision How and Where to appeal ? The question of general public dissatisfaction does not arise.